Saturday, March 8, 2014

Collection One....

Okay Ive got alot of pictures to share! These are the prof. pictures part one :) This pretty girl Im with is Kayleigh. She has been my cousins girlfriend for 5 years. I honestly thought she would be the one in the white dress first! But I guess hes a slow mover;) But I feel like weve grown up together. I consider her family :)

This is not my favorite picture, but oh well.

This is my Maid of Honor and cousin Elizabeth.

Kayleigh helping with Sophias makeup.

She was not afraid of the camera!!

And her look is complete :) Such a pretty flower girl!

My sister in law amber putting on my eyeshadow.

One of our table settings. Each table was a little different. But all had some type of milkg glass with these flowers.

Our card and gift table.

Moving onto the Men!! They look so cute!

This is my Kevin and his best man Clayton. They grew up together in Tenn.

My father in law david is in the middle.He has known Clayton since he was born. He said him and Kevin were always into "somethin". :)

My cousin Cody. Kayleighs boyfriend.


My Daddy!!!

My baby brother Levi. Who was also the ring bearer. I was 10 years old when this little booger was born! He was my real life baby doll. I just adored him. And still do. But he gets annoyed when I try to "baby" him anymore.

Ahh and the main man! My Kevy :)

And they loved Happily Ever After ....

Part of the pink candy bar. It was so pretty!

A vintage suitcase I repainted to hold the cards. It was an ugly puke green before lol



Me and Kevins table. We drank out of stemmed mason jars on Kevins request. Classy!

Are these not beautiful!

They had a hard time buttoning these. And Kevin had a worse time getting me out!

Elizabeth putting on my necklace.

Our nephew Mason. He was so stinkin cute carrying this!

The big moment is finally here!

Me and the girls! We did a creme lace skirt with a jean chambray top. Loved the way it turned out! I thought they looked so beautiful.

Your probably like "What is that?". Well my veil flew off during the ceremony! The wind was really kickin. But it wrapped right around kevins leg and he caught this shot. Makes it kind of funny.

Tough women right here :) This is one of my favorites.


My red lipstick got all over him when we kissed1

And the wiping continues...hehe

Yay its over!! Were married!

They carried our veil out. Since nobody put it back on my head during the ceremony :)

Thinking about Kevin. (sigh)

And two familys are now one!

Cute shot of Kevin and his mom.

Me and my daddy.

Bridal party.

Kevin and the girls :)

It was really bright!

Love this.

Pretty much my brother!

We all hopped into the back of kevins truck to go shoot the pictures.

This is so beautiful to me. Love simple beauty like this.

The photographer knew kevin would love this. The rings on the chevy lol

Our gorgeous wedding cake!

Vintage Bride and Groom sat by our cake.

My moms friend made this for me as my wedding present. I showed her one from pinterest I like and she made it just like the picture! It tasted just as good as it looked. Kevin picked the flavor since I picked the look :) And he picked yellow cake with strawberry filling and buttercream frosting. I didnt argue. Yummy!!!!

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The boys by the fire.

I love him so!

A cute bar sign. Of course ours was a 'Candy bar". We decided to do no alcohol to cut cost and most of our family doesnt drink anyway.

Bouquet toss.

It all went by soooo fast. After this we went to our honeymoon suite across from the port. And the next morning set sail on our Disney cruise to the Bahamas and Castaway cay. We had so much fun. I will post pictures of that soon :) Have a great week!!!    Xoxo